Our Story

Why do you dine at restaurants or order take out?

Most would say:

  • For time and ease of a prepared meal
  • For lack of skill to recreate such deliciousness at home

Neek & Nan's Fresh Seasonings, Sauces & More takes BOTH factors into consideration and nearly eliminates them entirely.


Neek & Nan's Fresh Seasonings, Sauces & More is a Maryland-based health food brand, developed from Shannon's (Nan) love of food and bold flavors, with the help of her artistic sister, Shanek (Neek)

Though a huge foodie, Shannon was never a big fan of dining out. She prefers homemade meals in the cozy environment of the home, but was discouraged by the tediousness and inconvenience of cutting the vegetables and herbs. Jamaican meals tend to start with the same ingredients, like onion, garlic, scallion and thyme.

One day, it occurred to her, that if the same basic ingredients were blended together and stored in a jar in the fridge, cooking would be a lot simpler. She could simply take out as many spoons as needed and cook or continue with the dish, if she wanted to be more created. Not only that, she found that blending the veggies and herbs preserved their shelf lives. Food waste was reduced significantly and she saved a lot of money, not having to discard unused produce. When she blended the fresh produce, she didn't have to rush to consume them before spoilage. This method spoiled her and even during her travels, she couldn't cook as efficiently without a blender to prepare Neek and Nan's.

After making Neek & Nan's strictly for her own household, her family suggested selling it to others. Though skeptical, she did and the response was encouraging enough to continue. She's removed the tediousness of chopping vegetables and herbs for YOU, in hopes that families will return to the kitchen and enjoy cooking, learn the value of nutrition, and above all else, strive for optimum health.

Shanek is the creative brainchild of Neek and Nan's. From logo, labels and business card designs to photo staging, she creates masterpieces from a blank slate. A recent graduate of a master's of architecture, Shanek is constantly creating. For all things visually pleasing, contact Shanek.


Neek & Nan's Fresh Seasonings, Sauces & More are various blends of fresh vegetables and herbs, jarred. ALL sugar-free!!

Seasoning blends:
Jamaican Jerk (spicy)
Spicy Cilantro (spicy)
Curry Paste
Ginger Garlic
Spicy Harissa (spicy)
Jerk Plantain Hummus
Cashew Cream
Condensed Coconut Milk/Caramel
Apple Pumpkin
Jamaican Fevergrass (Lemongrass) & Sage


Neek and Nan's exists because we believe cooking is an essential element in health, family unity and deliciousness. We hope to encourage our community to take control of their health and get back in the kitchen. It's easy with Neek and Nan's. You don't have to figure out which vegetables and herbs to buy, purchasing a bunch of them, only to use them once, in one dish, then throwing them out because you didn't use them fast enough.

Nor do you have to fret over a high sodium content when flavoring your food with Neek and Nan's because our seasoning blends contain ZERO salt.