Shannon's 35th

Posted by Shannon on Sep 3rd 2019


I've purchased my commercial food processor!! Production time reduced to HALF with IMPROVED consistency

Moving to commercial kitchen space THIS MONTH!! 

For the upcoming birthday, I've got big news!

Celebrating My 35th Year of Life!!

A crazy thought, but it's true. Last year, I celebrated my birthday by hosting a popup shop with other local, women- and/or black-owned businesses, hoping to raise funds for their businesses and my own. This year, I'm doing it a little differently, crowdfunding via family and friends. I'm asking you to donate what's within your budget to Neek and Nan's to help me take it to the next level.

The Journey

2018 was hectic. Neek and Nan's 1st FULL YEAR. From January to December, I vended every Saturday, with additional days during the week. My longest vending day was of two back-to-back events starting at 10am to 2am, standing about 80% of the time (which I didn't realize until I attempted to leave). Not even counting the all-nighters preparing N&Ns. I've attended tons of workshops, conferences, networking events, etc;
Met so many amazing business owners, mentors and professionals, and I've gained so much knowledge through it all. It's been a year of tremendous challenges and growth, personally and in business. I'm en route to making N&Ns a household name, right next to Heinz. But, as it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a community to build a business. So, with your help, it's time to take N&Ns to the next level.
My Story

Implementing the Plan

What you donate will be credited for you to purchase Neek and Nan's. Seasonings start at $13.90, so any amount greater is at least 1N&Ns blend (or $5 for tea). But you can donate as much as you want because it stays in your account AND you can use it to buy gift certificates to share (perfect for mother's day gifts). Simply click Send money, check "Sending to a Friend," to avoid fees. Then create a N&Ns account. I'll credit your account in the amount of your donation. Then start shopping so you can experience the N&Ns magic and share with others.

Your Involvement

Since 2012, about 17% of companies with female founders were funded by venture capital firms. BUT, in 2017, women got only 2.2% of the total $85 billion VC funding for the year. (Black women received 0.0006% since 2009.) Read more.

Bank loans aren't easier. The requirements don't seem to end, from credit, collateral, years in business, 20% cash of the loan amount, etc. So I funded it the slow way, bootstrapping.

The Growth Requirement:

MONEY to make money. Your funds will contribute to commercial kitchen monthly rent, starting at $500/mo, commercial food processor ($3000+) I've been eyeing for MONTHS, min. bulk jar requirement of $1000/order ($15,000 annually), plus a plethora of costs.

I know my goal of $25,000 will be achieved because I know that you want me to succeed and be one of many that helped me do so.